Sabermetric Research Literature Review

Hi everyone – below are the first three chapters (first version) of a comprehensive literature review of sabermetric research.  The work reviewed comes from many sources; academic journals, academic and sabermetric books, sabermetric periodicals, and on-line sources.  Right now, I envision the final version to include fourteen chapters.

The first chapter is an introduction primarily intended for people new to sabermetric work.


The second chapter reviews work on the inning and the game (i.e., nine innings).


The third chapter reviews work on the influence of situation on game play.


I have also uploaded the current version of a table of contents, which includes my current plans for all fourteen chapters.


I hope you find this helpful to your work.  Please alert me at to any problems you see and any relevant  research you know of that is not as yet included, so I can make the second version better than this first


Statistical Baseball Research Bibliography

Hi everyone – as some of you know I have been compiling academic (and other) articles on baseball analytics into a bibliography spreadsheet for quite some time.  I have attached both the bibliography and an explanation of how it works.  I am in the process of editing the bibliography, and the material in bold needs to be checked for proper categorization.  I will be updating this from time to time as I continue to edit and add new material.  I have access to most of the material cited, and can forward a listed article if anyone needs it (contact me at  I hope some of you find this helpful.